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"life was never easy, you were just ignorant of others"
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I'm not a rapper;
I'm a singer with a flow.
ree | gigi | nugget | k.




i’m a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm

and the scars that mark my body, they’re silver and gold

my blood is a flood 

of rubies, precious stones

it keeps my veins hot

the fire’s found a home in me

i move through town i’m quiet like a fight

and my necklace is of rope, i tie it and untie

people talk to me, but nothing ever hits home

people talk to me and all the voices just burn holes

I’M DONE WITH IT (oooooh)

this is the start

of how it all ends

they used to shout my name now they whisper it

i’m speeding up

and this is the red orange yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart 

we’re at the start

the colours disappear

i never watch the stars, there’s so much down here

so i just try 

keep up with the red orange yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart

i dream all year but they’re not the sweet kind 

and the shivers move down my shoulder blades in double time

people talk to me, i’m slipping out of reach now

people talk to me and all their faces blur

but i got my fingers laced together and i made a little prison and I’m locking up everyone who ever laid a finger on me


“ We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand. ”

—    Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture (via observando)

(via icanflyhbu)